Podcasts that help shape your career.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the mentor in this busy world since people have their own different life that may not match with you. So, would it be better if we have other source of advice that can guide us through the difficult time we face.

And since podcast is a one convenience and accessible way that you can just use it at your fingertips.

Following are the list of interesting podcasts that can help shape your profession life to be less struggle with the situation you face and know how to handle it.

1. Dear HBR – The advice show for workplace dilemmas.


Work can be frustrated but it don’t have to be. This podcast is about how to handle things in your workplace e.g. How to overcoming negativity? How to deal with a hard conversations? or even how to build a trust?

The channel also open for questions which you can contact them asking about workplace dilemma that you face at dearhbr@hbr.org or subscribe the channel to listen on others.

2. Women at Work – Conversations about the workplace, and women’s place in it.


Gender issue can happen everywhere including workplace, this podcast will bring you into how men and women behave at work.

It’s the limited-run podcast which focus on big issue that women have to deal with on the job. And purpose is to give a tools and insights for people to make a different in their career and workplace.

3. WorkLife with Adam Grant


Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist. He will take you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to explore the science of making work not suck.

So, you can see your job in the different way and be better in a professional life.

4. Deloitte Press Room

Deloitte Press Room
Press room from Deloitte insights. This podcast serve as a source for the issues and ideas that matter to a business. They provide updates insight for you to cope with fast moving trend of nowadays business world.


Let’s give it a try and we will add more interesting channels when we find one.

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